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Different House Styles Found In Chicago

Posted by on Jul 21, 2015 in Architecture, Remodeling |

Chicago style homeChicago is a city with architectural prowess and a rich history, which has made the ‘Windy City’ one of the most desirable places in the world. It has its own appeal and one which can pull at the heartstrings of those who arrive for the first time. In the housing market, there are a range of options with regards to style. Aesthetics play a major role in Chicago and it is unique with how the housing is set up and how it looks to the naked eye. Here are some of the more prominent house styles.
Victorian Homes
Chicago during the early 1900s was all about creating ‘Victorian Homes’ as this was the style present in England. These homes were beautiful and had this elegance, which was hard to recreate. Chicago took this house style and made their own style to it in order to incorporate what Chicago is all about. They give it a bit of a rugged look and kept the aesthetically pleasing lines associated with these homes in place.
The elaborate spindles, brackets, and columns are a big part of what these homes represent and how they appear. The attention to detail is nothing to scoff at.
These one storey homes have gained a lot of traction in Chicago over the years and are adored by one all. They fit nicely with the aesthetics of the city and what it is all about.
They have their own elegance and the bungalow style is one that is great for those who don’t want to have numerous stories in place. It is all about being nice and compact with the homes in the area. Chicago is filled with this house style and many more are added as time goes on.
Modern Style
This was the style, which took over most of the older homes (Victorian) in the city. The modern style was created by Van der Rohe, who was responsible to make changes to how construction was done and how the architecture in the area looked.
The modern style was more about using bricks and stones rather than other options and it shows through all of the properties on show in the area. These are elegant houses, which have been tweaked to be sleek, yet aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It is all about finding the right balance.  One of the most tell tale features of a Modern home is it’s Siding Style.  New types of siding like James Hardie fiber cement and composite materials make the exterior of these home look clean and straight.  There are many siding contractors in chicago that can guide you in design your home with this style.
Functionalist Styles
This style is often seen in Chicago and is based on making decisions based on functionality.
The idea was to build cities within the city when the construction began. Little suburbs along the way, which had their own identities. This was where the ‘functional’ style came into play.
It was a play on the modern style and one where economy of resources was taken into consideration. Make more with less essentially was the idea.
This led to a range of designs, where the goal was to streamline the homes in accordance with their area and how homes look like there.

These are the different house styles present in Chicago. A lot of tweaking has gone on since the late 1800s when the Great Chicago Fire took out a lot of the homes and properties in the area. The city had to start to do everything all over again and this meant rebuilding the houses as well. They decided to make changes along the way and these are the changes that have stayed on with the housing in the area ever since. Chicago is a large city and one with a diverse range of styles and it is this diversity, which wins the heart of one and all.

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The Power of Video Testimonials for Contractors

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Remodeling |

You never know how a video will change your business.  Check out this video…

URL of video=

Do you think this video was effective?  Would you do business with this contractor?

Many contractors, roofing or other wise, are trying to capture the power of social proof.  A well done youtube video can help.

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Tips in choosing the right Architect to Plan your House

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Solivie-25 Model (1)

When planning to have a new house or having a big remodeling, it is best for you to have an architect. A licensed architect that will take care of the project’s planning and illustration for a better work result. Architects may not only have the capacity to design your house plan but they also have the expertise of walking their clients’ through every step of the way, making sure everything is properly done. That way, you must know the proper way to search for an architect for you to hire.


  1. The very first thing that you must do is to have the list of the architects’ names in your area or even with the recommended ones by your friends and family. That way, you could be able to interview various architects and that would be best for you to weigh in your needs with their qualifications. Another tip is to visit websites of architects that are situated near you. That way, you will no longer have the need to set appointments or even to travel. You may also ask them their works with their galleries provided.
  2. Next is for you to prepare a list of questions that you are going to ask them. This is to respect their time as busy individuals. That way, you are going to have an organized conversation, sure that everything is tackled completely. Hiring them would charge you in how far you have deal with them. Knowledge shared is to be paid, so never just hire someone and dump after dealing with them.

  3. Then, you have to narrow down the list in order for you to have the best choice as you can. Having the information of the things you need is for you to set everything right directly to whatever choices and plans you have. Preparation of the budget is also a must. That way, you could include this information with your conversation with the architect and seal a plan just according to your budget.
  4. This time, you will have to meet the hired architect and have a personal conversation that covers the following:


  1. The architect’s experience
  2. The included services of the architect would offer you
  3. The design principles of the planned house.
  4. The free structure
  5. Services that are included in your budget
  6. If the architect has a professional insurance
  7. If the architect is experienced with ecofriendly designs
  8. The rendering capabilities of the hired architect


  1. Take your time in choosing the best architect on your list. You better consult some of your family’s second opinion when it comes to having your decision in final. Also, make sure that the architect that you hired is possessed with an honest and good personality when it comes to dealing with his duties.

Once you already found your architect, seal the deal with all legalities complied and best done with an attorney that will set everything legally to avoid future conflicts.

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The Things that you Must Know in Managing a Construction Company

Posted by on Jun 10, 2015 in Architecture, Construction, Management |


Managing a construction company may require you complex skills when it comes to dealing with the terms and the company’s logistics, conducts, and even the financial outlook is a must for you to be knowledgeable about. This is a multitasking job for you to prepare. In one time, this field will demand you to either be an engineer, an accountant and a manager which is quite an overwhelming task to do. For you to be able to understand well this kind of duty that you will be facing, here are the following tips that would probably help you to get moving.

The first thing that you must remember is to set everything in legal terms. Having a business must comply the requirements of the law that will not just to collect tax from you but also will protect your business from any legal barrier that can hinder your success. These legalities will include all the affiliations and the partnership of you company with any other companies. This will prepare your company to any operation it will take. With this, it would be better for you to have an attorney to consult everything properly to avoid any failures in the future.

o_nasNext thing is for you to gather your business clients. In making this thing possible, you must learn to promote your own company through either hiring advertising companies or by spreading the information with your own ad materials such as posters and teaser videos and pictures. You may also check the government institutions if there are any available public works in need of a construction company in your area. That way, you will be able to have a long term work availability that will also give your employees a job right away.

Then, being able to manage the number of staff that you will probably need with your pipeline and as much as possible, hire workers who are experienced in any type of  project that you are about to do.  Having a support staff is a must most especially when you are working with a big construction project. This will work with the emergency cases that are inevitable most especially with this kind of work. For the payment issues, make sure that you have your very own competent accountant so that financial matters will run smoothly.

Conducting a regular meeting will also work best when it comes to managing. That way, you could provide better communication opportunity for everybody to hear the updates on the project. Proper communication skills must be manifested with every meeting, discussing the status of the project.  By which, you will also be able to identify the risks and the materials that are lacking in a certain operation.

The last thing you must know is how to bill your clients properly and timely according to the services that you have rendered, with this duty, honesty is the best policy to develop the trust between you and your clients.

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Steps for an Accurate Plan of Remodeling your House

Posted by on Jun 10, 2015 in Remodeling |


Remodeling your house can be either a choice or a need when things are old enough most especially with antique houses. This is either to avoid accidents or just the choice of making your home look more presentable. This is such a rewarding feeling, like living in a new house filled with happiness and excitement. Yet, before you do the remodeling, a proper plan is a must for you to have the best results from it. For you not to waste any of your investment, you must remember the following tips upon planning your house remodeling.


First thing’s first, you must gather remodeling ideas and collect them with a binder. Inspect your house for the things that you would like to change, every detail of it. Then make a list of the products and selections that you most probably need on those about to renewed details. You may gather some pictures from the internet or magazines and keep them for more options.


Next thing is the collection of the samples of the selections and products that you would like to have with the remodeling such as paints, house decors, carpets and tiles. Have them in a container and store all of these samples properly.


Andersen_picture-windowExposing yourself with some remodeling sows in actual or in television will help you gather more creative ideas through observing the workmanship done with the project. Take note of everything that you have witnessed and use these as your tips for your remodeling project.


Now, you are going to draw the illustration of the house remodeling project. Make sure to measure the spaces and widths accurately; the use of graphing paper for scaling will make the things easier to understand most especially the rough plans.


Most importantly, is for you to hire either an interior designer or an architect to polish the rough plan that you have made. These people know a lot better than you, yet you must have your own supervision the way they make the plan in every step. Then have your design project with a code with your building inspector office in your area to set things legally.


Make sure that everything is coordinating with the budget plan, have a financial allowance with any possible changes with the expenses. This way, you will be able to stick with the plan without the trouble of not being able to have the things that are most needed with the project.


Have a contractor with your remodeling house project, talk things in details with your contractor, negotiating things properly with them such as with the materials to be used like plumbing and for construction.  Also, make sure that you have the proper timeline to set things in order from the very first step until the project is done. These are the things that you must need to remember in a house remodeling plan like the one that you are about to do. These tips will surely help you to do things on the right track.

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Simple House Plan Categories for a Budget Conscious

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Looking for a house plan may give you an overwhelming impression, most especially when you are just planning to have a simple home. In search of which, you must understand that house plans may be in a various categories which you will be able to base it the way you want your home to look like and the style that will suit your interests. The following are the said various categories you must know right before you go and start to choose a house plan.


The first category may appear to be very common, most especially with western countries, a TWO- STOREY- this is best for an extended family providing an extensive space to accommodate everyone. This may not require you to have a very big lot to accommodate your whole family yet you may have the quality living still with enough space that you could provide them.


House-Plans-With-Interior-Photos-10Next, is the RANCH HOUSE plan in which may look simple and plain of having a single storey version. This may come with various options too, you may have this with some luxurious look yet if you are into a budget friendly ranch house, you may also have it with a traditional arrangement.


The COTTAGE HOUSE category plan-  This is the most common category of house’s design and plans that may still look cozy and nice. Some home owners are choosing this kind for this is the safest they can have most especially when they are having kids that may tend to climb and go down the stairs without their supervision. Floor plans for this kind are quite compact though may vary with their square footage.


Lastly is the VACATION HOUSE plan category- This may look like a basic home yet this is essential most especially when you are not staying on it for some work, treating this as your second home when you wanted to take a holiday vacation. This is so typical with so many countries, this looks as if it is being accommodated daily because vacation houses are having hired care takers to do the cleaning and maintenance tasks. You can do whatever you want with this for this may have an informal form and look just the way you want it.



Again, these are the different house categories that you must know in having a house plan. This is the most basic step that would set everything on the right track from the very first step of your decision of having a home. You may discuss everything with your architect’s capacity as well as with your budget. Choosing a house plan, you must also consult the decision of your family, most especially your lifestyle. Some may have a various extensions with their houses such as a business area, a pool, music room, a library and any other kinds of add ons when they have enough budget for it. Just give some allowances for the future adjustments you wish to have.

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