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Simple House Plan Categories for a Budget Conscious

Posted by on Jun 10, 2015 in Architecture, Construction |


Looking for a house plan may give you an overwhelming impression, most especially when you are just planning to have a simple home. In search of which, you must understand that house plans may be in a various categories which you will be able to base it the way you want your home to look like and the style that will suit your interests. The following are the said various categories you must know right before you go and start to choose a house plan.


The first category may appear to be very common, most especially with western countries, a TWO- STOREY- this is best for an extended family providing an extensive space to accommodate everyone. This may not require you to have a very big lot to accommodate your whole family yet you may have the quality living still with enough space that you could provide them.


House-Plans-With-Interior-Photos-10Next, is the RANCH HOUSE plan in which may look simple and plain of having a single storey version. This may come with various options too, you may have this with some luxurious look yet if you are into a budget friendly ranch house, you may also have it with a traditional arrangement.


The COTTAGE HOUSE category plan-  This is the most common category of house’s design and plans that may still look cozy and nice. Some home owners are choosing this kind for this is the safest they can have most especially when they are having kids that may tend to climb and go down the stairs without their supervision. Floor plans for this kind are quite compact though may vary with their square footage.


Lastly is the VACATION HOUSE plan category- This may look like a basic home yet this is essential most especially when you are not staying on it for some work, treating this as your second home when you wanted to take a holiday vacation. This is so typical with so many countries, this looks as if it is being accommodated daily because vacation houses are having hired care takers to do the cleaning and maintenance tasks. You can do whatever you want with this for this may have an informal form and look just the way you want it.



Again, these are the different house categories that you must know in having a house plan. This is the most basic step that would set everything on the right track from the very first step of your decision of having a home. You may discuss everything with your architect’s capacity as well as with your budget. Choosing a house plan, you must also consult the decision of your family, most especially your lifestyle. Some may have a various extensions with their houses such as a business area, a pool, music room, a library and any other kinds of add ons when they have enough budget for it. Just give some allowances for the future adjustments you wish to have.