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Tips in choosing the right Architect to Plan your House

Posted by on Jun 11, 2015 in Architecture, Construction |

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When planning to have a new house or having a big remodeling, it is best for you to have an architect. A licensed architect that will take care of the project’s planning and illustration for a better work result. Architects may not only have the capacity to design your house plan but they also have the expertise of walking their clients’ through every step of the way, making sure everything is properly done. That way, you must know the proper way to search for an architect for you to hire.


  1. The very first thing that you must do is to have the list of the architects’ names in your area or even with the recommended ones by your friends and family. That way, you could be able to interview various architects and that would be best for you to weigh in your needs with their qualifications. Another tip is to visit websites of architects that are situated near you. That way, you will no longer have the need to set appointments or even to travel. You may also ask them their works with their galleries provided.
  2. Next is for you to prepare a list of questions that you are going to ask them. This is to respect their time as busy individuals. That way, you are going to have an organized conversation, sure that everything is tackled completely. Hiring them would charge you in how far you have deal with them. Knowledge shared is to be paid, so never just hire someone and dump after dealing with them.

  3. Then, you have to narrow down the list in order for you to have the best choice as you can. Having the information of the things you need is for you to set everything right directly to whatever choices and plans you have. Preparation of the budget is also a must. That way, you could include this information with your conversation with the architect and seal a plan just according to your budget.
  4. This time, you will have to meet the hired architect and have a personal conversation that covers the following:


  1. The architect’s experience
  2. The included services of the architect would offer you
  3. The design principles of the planned house.
  4. The free structure
  5. Services that are included in your budget
  6. If the architect has a professional insurance
  7. If the architect is experienced with ecofriendly designs
  8. The rendering capabilities of the hired architect


  1. Take your time in choosing the best architect on your list. You better consult some of your family’s second opinion when it comes to having your decision in final. Also, make sure that the architect that you hired is possessed with an honest and good personality when it comes to dealing with his duties.

Once you already found your architect, seal the deal with all legalities complied and best done with an attorney that will set everything legally to avoid future conflicts.