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Different House Styles Found In Chicago

Posted by on Jul 21, 2015 in Architecture, Remodeling |

Chicago style homeChicago is a city with architectural prowess and a rich history, which has made the ‘Windy City’ one of the most desirable places in the world. It has its own appeal and one which can pull at the heartstrings of those who arrive for the first time. In the housing market, there are a range of options with regards to style. Aesthetics play a major role in Chicago and it is unique with how the housing is set up and how it looks to the naked eye. Here are some of the more prominent house styles.
Victorian Homes
Chicago during the early 1900s was all about creating ‘Victorian Homes’ as this was the style present in England. These homes were beautiful and had this elegance, which was hard to recreate. Chicago took this house style and made their own style to it in order to incorporate what Chicago is all about. They give it a bit of a rugged look and kept the aesthetically pleasing lines associated with these homes in place.
The elaborate spindles, brackets, and columns are a big part of what these homes represent and how they appear. The attention to detail is nothing to scoff at.
These one storey homes have gained a lot of traction in Chicago over the years and are adored by one all. They fit nicely with the aesthetics of the city and what it is all about.
They have their own elegance and the bungalow style is one that is great for those who don’t want to have numerous stories in place. It is all about being nice and compact with the homes in the area. Chicago is filled with this house style and many more are added as time goes on.
Modern Style
This was the style, which took over most of the older homes (Victorian) in the city. The modern style was created by Van der Rohe, who was responsible to make changes to how construction was done and how the architecture in the area looked.
The modern style was more about using bricks and stones rather than other options and it shows through all of the properties on show in the area. These are elegant houses, which have been tweaked to be sleek, yet aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It is all about finding the right balance.  One of the most tell tale features of a Modern home is it’s Siding Style.  New types of siding like James Hardie fiber cement and composite materials make the exterior of these home look clean and straight.  There are many siding contractors in chicago that can guide you in design your home with this style.
Functionalist Styles
This style is often seen in Chicago and is based on making decisions based on functionality.
The idea was to build cities within the city when the construction began. Little suburbs along the way, which had their own identities. This was where the ‘functional’ style came into play.
It was a play on the modern style and one where economy of resources was taken into consideration. Make more with less essentially was the idea.
This led to a range of designs, where the goal was to streamline the homes in accordance with their area and how homes look like there.

These are the different house styles present in Chicago. A lot of tweaking has gone on since the late 1800s when the Great Chicago Fire took out a lot of the homes and properties in the area. The city had to start to do everything all over again and this meant rebuilding the houses as well. They decided to make changes along the way and these are the changes that have stayed on with the housing in the area ever since. Chicago is a large city and one with a diverse range of styles and it is this diversity, which wins the heart of one and all.